Insolroll Commercial Solar Shades

Roller Shades for Sun and Light Management

Commercial interior window treatments need to work hard and meet specific criteria. Insolroll manufactures commercial interior shades that offer the performance needed by professional buildings, including offices, health care, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, retail locations and more.

Roller shades provide sleek, clean-lined, efficient sun and light management in commercial locations.

  • Simple operation with manual and motorized control options for every application and need
  • Fully retractable, making them more versatile than window tinting
  • No slats or vanes to get damaged in high use areas
  • Finishing and detailing options to fit the design style of any space

Solar Shades: Block the sun, not the view!

Insolroll Solar Shades are designed to provide not only comfort for workers and customers, but increased energy efficiency. They reduce cooling costs and the need for artificial lighting, maximizing daylighting and allowing a connection to the outside world.

Blackout Shades for Commercial Spaces

Blackout shades provide room darkening and obstruct outside views. Media viewing spaces, such as conference rooms, classrooms and ballrooms can create an on-demand environment suitable for movies, slide shows, training videos, etc., and they can be retracted to allow views to the outside the rest of the time. When privacy is needed, blackout shades completely block view-through, which is perfect for patient and exam rooms, glass walls between commercial spaces, retail spaces after-hours, and drive through windows that are closed. Optional side track and sill channel hardware minimize light leakage in spaces where almost total darkness is desired.

Decorative Shades for Commercial Spaces

Spaces designed to accommodate customers and guests often call for decorative shades. Commercial decorative sheer and blackout roller shades are increasingly popular in hotels, providing textures and elegance in contemporary design schemes. Commercial decorative translucent shades can provide light filtering in areas where sun control is needed but it is preferred that the view be concealed.

Dual Shades for Commercial Spaces

For commercial spaces requiring more than one kind of sun and light management, dual shades provide a sleek, functional solution in a single window treatment. Two shades in a single head space offer two opacities. Popular combinations include solar and blackout shades for office spaces, and sheer and blackout shades for hotels and the hospitality industry.

Commercial Printed Shades

Custom digitally printed shades offer the ultimate in design versatility and personalization. Shades can provide messaging where signage rules are restrictive, featuring logos, product and lifestyle photography, artwork, custom patterns and colors, and anything a business can dream up. Create ambience in a restaurant, add your logo to your front window, print a map of the company’s territory in a meeting room, alert customers that a drive-through window is closed—the possibilities are endless.

Commercial Outdoor Shades

Al fresco spaces are gaining popularity for all kinds of industries, and Insolroll’s Oasis® brand of patio shades and retractable insect screens provide ideal solutions. Shading employee break areas or preventing insects from bothering outdoor diners helps to create the lifestyles of today.

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