Oasis 2700 Exterior Window Shades

Oasis 2700 Patio Sun Shades Block the Sun, Not the View

Glare, heat, and damaging UV rays from the sun can limit the hours you can use and enjoy your patio, but Oasis 2700 Patio Sun Shades change all that! Fully retractable solar screen shades allow view-through to the outside while significantly reducing the bothersome effects of the sun on covered patios, pergolas and decks. Enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest!

Insolroll builds a better shade, from start to finish!

  • Designed for smaller patio areas and exterior windows
  • Custom sizes to 11′ wide
  • Manual clutch OR motor operation
  • Cable-guide system
  • Welded fabric edges for durability
  • Exterior grade clutch and stainless steel idler

Solar Screen Fabric is Engineered for Performance and designed for function

Solar screen fabrics are woven to precise standards in order to control sun without blocking view-through. Fabric color and openness (tightness of the weave) determine how much light, heat and UV are allowed to pass through into the patio space; light colors provide better heat reduction and dark colors provide better glare reduction, while more loosely woven fabrics allow more view through and more tightly woven fabrics allow greater daytime privacy. Every fabric is laboratory-tested to determine precisely how much of the sun’s energy is reflected, absorbed, and allowed to pass through, and this data is available when selecting fabric.

Features that make Oasis 2700 better than other patio shades

  • All fabric edges on the Oasis 2700 Patio Shade are welded, or heat sealed to prevent unsightly fraying of the edges.
  • At the bottom edge, a metal hem bar is inserted in a welded fabric pocket to guard against tearing at the hem bar
  • The two side edges of the fabric are secured by a cable guide system.

Solar screen patio shades for large and small openings

Oasis® 2700 Solar Screen Shades are engineered for smaller patio openings up to 11′ wide. For larger openings, see Oasis 2800. We can accommodate small openings as narrow as 31 3/8″ with a motorized shade. All Oasis 2700 shades are custom-made and feature a cable guide system to provide greater stability in a light breeze. A fully enclosed 4″ x 4 1/2″ extruded aluminum head box protects the fabric when retracted and provides a finished appearance. Shades are available with manual clutch or motorized operation.

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