JW Distributors Warranties

JW Distributors gives factory warranties on the products we install and we give our two-year labor warranty for repairs required under expected normal use.  A warranty is as good as the company that backs it up.  Phantom screens have been installed in North Carolina since 1999 and we honor the warranties on all of them.

Competitors have come and gone selling screens they claim are “just as good as” Phantoms, but the warranties they promised often disappeared with the installers.  We get calls asking us to service these “orphans” and we do the best we can, but we cannot honor their vanished warranties.


A Summary of the Phantom Screens Limited Lifetime Warranty

You will receive a written warranty with your Phantom Screen purchase.  Please ask your installer or salesperson to see it when you are considering your purchase.  You’ll like what you see.

In general, Phantom warrants the “hard parts” for the lifetime of the installation under normal use, exclusive of mesh, motors, and electronics.  Motors are warranted for five years and electronics for one year.  Mesh is a consumable that is not included in the warranty.